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Book Review of "Augmented Reality with Kinect"


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A complete introduction to Fruit Ninja Kinect clone

The author Wang Rui is an experienced OpenGL / Kinect developer in China, I have known him for a long time. Last month, he recommends me reviewing his recent book on Kinect development.

Augmented Reality with Kinect is a mini book published by Packt. In the beginning, it introduce Microsoft Kinect SDK with C++ language. And then demonstrates how to build a Fruit Ninja Kinect clone from scratch. What I like about the book is it’s very self contained on the topic. It covers every details. Considering its small size, it does a great job.

However, it also has several problems:

  • The title is not consistent with the content. Fruit Ninja is not a typical Augmented Reality application. I am looking forward to seeing more Augmented Reality demos from the book.
  • Too much details on OpenGL rendering. I would prefer a rendering library that hides every OpenGL functions from the reader. Because these unnecessary details could easily distract the beginners and make them frustrated.

I would give it a score 3 / 5.