Democratizing Visual Computing

WebGL Insights 全书免费下载


The complete WebGL Insights book: 23 chapters from 42 authors and 25 technical reviewers.

Table of Contents

I. WebGL Implementations

  1. ANGLE: A Desktop Foundation for WebGL

  2. Mozilla’s Implementation of WebGL

  3. Continuous Testing of Chrome’s WebGL Implementation

II. Moving to WebGL

  1. Getting Serious with JavaScript

  2. Emscripten & WebGL

  3. Data Visualization with WebGL: from Python to JavaScript

  4. Teaching an Introductory Computer Graphics Course with WebGL

III. Mobile

  1. Bug-Free and Fast Mobile WebGL

IV. Engine Design

  1. WebGL Engine Design in Babylon.js

  2. Rendering Optimizations in the Turbulenz Engine

  3. Performance and Rendering Algorithms in Blend4Web

  4. Sketchfab Material Pipeline: From File Variations to Shader Generation

  5. glslify: A module system for GLSL

  6. Budgeting Frame Time

V. Rendering

  1. Deferred Shading in Luma

  2. HDR Image-Based Lighting on the Web

  3. Real-Time Volumetric Lighting for WebGL

  4. Terrain Geometry - LOD Adapting Concentric Rings

VI. Visualization

  1. Data Visualization Techniques with WebGL

  2. hare3d - Rendering Large Models in the Browser

  3. The BrainBrowser Surface Viewer: WebGL-based Neurological Data Visualization

VII. Interaction

  1. Usability of WebGL Applications

  2. Designing Cameras for WebGL Applications

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